Accepting or Declining Your Scholarship Offer

Next Steps

acceptance/Declining form

ONLY students who received a scholarship offer letter should complete this form, whether or not you are accepting the scholarship.

  • Students who are accepting the scholarship will have the opportunity to review and accept the terms of the scholarship. Failure to complete the Acceptance Form by the deadline may result in forfeiting your scholarship. 
    • Submit your Donor Thank You Note (instructions below)
    • Submit a copy of your 2019-20 Financial Aid Award Letter
  • Students who are declining the scholarship due to no longer meeting the eligibility requirements (i.e., students who are attending college outside of Washington) must also complete this form to formally decline the scholarship. 


Leadership 1000 Scholarship Acceptance/Decline Form


Deadline: Friday, May 17, 2019

Thanking Your Donor

Donor thank you note

If you are accepting the scholarship offer, you must complete a Thank You note for your donor. 

Please download the following PowerPoint Slides:

  • A sample of what the Thank You Note should look like.
  • The template slide for you to complete your own Thank You Note. Email it to us.

follow the instructions below to complete your Thank You Note:

  • Choose a profile picture and make sure it is saved somewhere on your computer.
      • Choose a photo of just you that shows your full face wearing professional attire
      • Feel free to include pictures from your vacations, volunteer work or other activities (landscape photos work best)

  • Insert your own photo in the place of the sample photo on the PowerPoint slide.
      • Open PPT
      • Right click on the photo and select "Change Picture"
      • Choose a file to insert (the picture file that you have saved)

  • In the top text box, please replace the placeholder text with your:
      • College/University of attendance
      • Year in College
      • Major
      • Dream Job

  • In the bottom text box, please type a genuine personal note to your donor expressing your thanks for their support of your educational journey.
      • Some ideas:
        • How will this scholarship impact your future and goals?  
        • Activities/clubs/community service work that you are involved in.
        • Something about the upcoming school year you're excited for/looking forward to.

  • Save the PPT with your last name and first name: (example: Rebecchi, Maria_Thank You.pptx)

  • Email your PPT as an attachment to by Friday, May 17, 2019.