Summer Funding for Governors' Scholars


Summer funding is available for students who have already been selected to receive the Governors' Scholarship.  CSF scholarships are automatically awarded for full-time academic year attendance (fall, winter and spring). Unlike fall, winter, and spring quarters, we don’t award Governors’ Scholarships automatically for summer term.

To receive funding during the summer, please request summer funding from CSF.

Instructions to Apply for Summer Funding:

What Happens Next?

Within about a week of receiving your request, CSF will send you an email showing the amount of CSF scholarship funds that can be received for the summer. CSF will mail a scholarship disbursement check to your “summer” college. Please allow at least two weeks for the check to be mailed and for the college to process the check.

If you do not hear back from CSF within a week, please follow up to be sure we received it.

Summer Award Questions: