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“It’s not about you. It’s not about me. It’s about our children.” – Oscar Wright

About MoHundred
In 2016, National African-American Parent Involvement Day (NAAPID) was celebrated at South Shore PK-8 School in Seattle. NAAPID is national holiday celebrated in February that promotes family engagement, recognizes the brilliance of Black students and affirms education as a cultural value of the African diaspora. The event called for one hundred Black men to greet and usher students into school with enthusiastic high fives. In an extraordinary act of civic involvement, 256 answered the call.

About the Scholarship
A Detroit-based organization that learned of NAAPID’s success pledged in 2016 to grant $10,000 scholarships to ten Black male high school graduating seniors from the Seattle area. This organization never fulfilled its promises to these young men—who competed for and earned the scholarships—which significantly impacted their educational plans and negatively impacted their families financially. MoHundred decided to mobilize the local community around the goal of restoring the original promise made to these young men—and #ChangeTheNarrative about the will of community to safeguard the future of youth.

Goal of the Scholarship
The goal of the MoHundred is to raise $100,000 for college scholarship awards by January 31, 2019 through charitable giving (corporate, individual and community-based donations) to restore the promises made to these young men.

The MoHundred Scholarship Fund program is funded by individuals, foundations, or businesses to help young African American students continue their education and earn a college degree by providing $100,000 in college scholarships - $10,000 each to 10 previously selected African-American students. Eligible students were determined to have met specific criteria.

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