End of Year Form for Leadership 1000 Scholars

Scholar Update Instructions

Continuing scholarship recipients receiving the Leadership 1000 Scholarship must complete a Scholar Update for their donor.

Please download the following powerpoint sliders:

  • A sample of what a completed Scholar Update should look like.
  • The template slide for you to complete your own Scholar Update. Email it to us.

Follow the instructions below to complete your Scholar Update:

  • Choose a profile picture and make sure it is saved somewhere on your computer.
    • Choose a photo of just you that shows your full face wearing professional attire
    • Feel free to include photos from your vacations, volunteer work or other activities (landscape photos work best)
  • Insert your own photo in the place of the sample photo on the PowerPoint slide.
    • Open PPT
    • Right click on the photo and select "Change Picture"
    • Choose a file to insert (the picture file that you have saved)
  • In the top right text box, please replace the placeholder text with your:
    • Your college/university of attendance
    • Year in College
    • Major
    • Dream Job
  • In the bottom text box, please type a genuine personal note to your donor expressing your thanks for their support of your educational journey.
    • Ideas to include in your note:
      • How did your last year go? What did you learn or will do differently in future years?
      • Activities/clubs/community service work that you are involved in.
      • What was your favorite course or experience during your school year?
      • Something about the upcoming school year you're excited for/looking forward to.
  • Save the PPT with your first and last name: (example: Scholar_Update_Super_Student.pptx)
  • Email your PPT as an attachment to csfscholar@collegesuccessfoundation.org by July 1, 2019.