Make It Happen!


Make It Happen! is now Way To Go

Way To Go logo

Changes to the program:

  • New name & brand: The Way To Go name evokes optimism and highlights the importance of students setting their own course for post-secondary success. Students’ paths are not always linear and come with highs and lows. We see this as normal, healthy progression, and believe that with the right support and information, our scholars have the potential to break stereotypes and oppressive cycles and succeed.
  • 1-day format in three regions: To improve accessibility and increase the number of students who attend, we are conducting three 1-day events.
  • Focus on high school juniors and seniors: This year we will focus on serving rising juniors and seniors which will help us tailor curriculum and overall event design to the needs of these students.
  • Tribal foster youth, unaccompanied refugee minors, and unaccompanied homeless youth: Since Passport to Careers has been expanded to include the above populations, we want to emphasize including students with these experiences along with students who have experienced state foster care.

Visit the Washington Passport Network website for more information.