Zuri:  College Is Key to Unlocking the American Dream

At around age 14, Zuri began working summer jobs much like her parents regular jobs - including heat pressing numbers on garments at a warehouse and working fast food jobs.  She worked hard, but was discouraged and knew she wanted a different future with more rewarding employment options. 

Zuri’s family always supported her education, but she didn’t consider college as an option until she learned about CSF.  Thanks to CSF donors, Zuri met with a college-preparatory advisor at her high school who was able to really break down the process and support her efforts to get into college and apply for scholarships. Like many first-generation college students, Zuri was still nervous and hesitant to take the step to go away to college. Now, she sees her experience at Eastern Washington University as the “best decision of her life.” 

“I see college as the key to unlocking the American Dream,” Zuri says.


And the relationship with CSF has continued for Zuri. A few years after graduating she was looking for a career change and Zuri once again turned to CSF for help. After attending a CSF Career Institute, she received career coaching including: resume assistance, networking opportunities and even a referral to a contact at one of the companies she most wanted to work for.  Eventually, Zuri landed a position with a travel company where she now markets Latin American tourism brands. Zuri also gives back to her community mentoring other students and helping guide them to higher education as well. Learn more about Zuri’s journey in an Alaska Airlines magazine article or watch the video below.

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