Eighth Grade Checklist


If you haven't already applied for the College Bound Scholarship, make sure you check to see if you're eligible! This is the last year you can apply. The scholarship will help you be financially ready for college. Once you've applied, make sure you're academically prepared as well. This checklist will help you navigate the steps to take in eighth grade to make sure you are college-ready when you graduate from high school.

Aim High and Plan Ahead

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Seek Wise Counsel

  • Need help? Get help! If you need extra help with your schoolwork, ask your teacher or advisor, find time before or after classes and attend homework help sessions or open library hours for quiet study space.
  • Ask your teachers and school counselors about the state tests you will take this year. Learn ways to practice and plan for these tests so that you can feel confident and prepared.



  • Work with a counselor or college advisor to map out high school courses on an academic plan worksheet that will meet college admission requirements, which include credits in language arts, math, science, world languages, social science and visual or performing arts. 
  • Push yourself to stay focused on school. Staying organized and keeping up with your assignments will help you succeed.
  • Visit your school’s career center and learn how you can explore college choices and which programs are available to start planning early for college, such as the College Success Foundation’s HERO program, Upward Bound, TRiO and AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination).
  • Visit different high schools in your area during the spring if you get to choose your high school. Schedule classes for ninth grade using your college plan as a guide.


Search for Treasure

  • Continue or begin searching for scholarships by updating or creating your account on theWashBoard.org. This org connects Washington students with Washington scholarship providers for FREE.
  • If you are eligible, sign up for the College Bound Scholarship by June 30 of your eighth-grade year. After June 30, you will no longer be eligible for this scholarship.





  • Tell your parents or other caring adults about what you are learning in school and your goals.
  • Talk with your parents or guardians about college financial aid options, such as grants, savings and scholarships.
  • Attend parent-student conferences. Talk with your teachers and your parents or guardians about your educational goals, grades and past state test scores.



  • Get involved in your school and your community.
  • Participate in a ninth-grade orientation or a summer program, if your future high school offers one.
  • Don’t let summer slow you down. Stay involved in your school and community during summer.
  • Stay sharp. You can prevent the summer brain drain by reading books, reviewing classroom material from the school year and planning for the upcoming school year.

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